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Have you ever wondered how to apply for EU funding? Have you searched for manuals explaining the application process and showing best practices? Did you know that to apply for EU funding, one needs to understand its overall concept? If EU grants are important to your work, this course is for you.

The course is adapted to the needs of beneficiaries from the countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy. However, it also presents concepts and approaches common to different financial instruments of the EU external action. Key ideas related to the conceptual, political and institutional aspects of the funding provided by the European Union are introduced.

The course is divided into seven lessons that will guide you through different stages of the process of application for EU funding, including conceptualisation, “problems tree”, “objectives tree”, logical frameworks, organising your team, preparing the documentation, and the application as such. Each of the lessons includes some basic information, introduces relevant concepts and is structured around typologies organising your knowledge.

By completing this course, you will gain the basic knowledge about the effective preparation of funding applications for EU funds in the framework of calls for proposals for grants applications. You will also acquire analytical skills allowing for effective preparation of applications. And, finally, this course will familiarise you with the main concepts used in the management and organisation of the application process. As a result, you and your organisation will be equipped with advice and tips that will enhance the chances of being successful in applying for EU funding. 


Lesson 1: Introduction to EU funding
Lesson 2: Contextualisation of the application process
Lesson 3: Organisation of the application process
Lesson 4: Project proposal development I: identifying the needs and problems

Lesson 5: Project proposal development II: identifying the project framework
Lesson 6: The development of project application
Lesson 7: The submission of the project application
Final test

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Self enrolment (Student)