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Have you ever wondered how to measure, monitor and evaluate public projects? Do you agree that monitoring and evaluation is crucial for effective management of public resources? Would you like to know what a “Project Cycle Management” is, and how it is done? Have you ever wondered what a “Logic Framework”, or Logframe, is and how to prepare it? If so, this course is for you.

The course will navigate you through different approaches and techniques to monitoring and evaluation systems. Those systems were first introduced in the fields of research and aid to developing countries; next, they were extended to the Structural Funds, and now they are present practically in all EU policies. They are also widely used by other international organisations e.g. World Bank or UN agencies. The approaches used by various international organisations and national governments can differ, especially as far as terminology is concerned. Therefore, this course is focused on EU approaches and terminology, particularly on those functioning in EU external assistance programmes and the Structural Funds. The concepts of project monitoring and evaluation are presented in-depth, as are the Logframe models with their components.

By the end of this course, you will know how to distinguish between three processes, which are parts of the project cycle: i.e. monitoring, evaluation and audit. You will have a good understanding of how to measure, monitor and evaluate public projects. You will be able to apply the knowledge to real life situations and pass it on to others.


Lesson 1: Basic concepts of project management in the EU programmes context
Lesson 2: The logical framework approach – LFA
Lesson 3: Monitoring a project
Lesson 4: Reviews and reporting in the implementation of projects/programmes


Lesson 5: Basic concepts of evaluation process in public interventions implementation
Lesson 6: Methods and techniques of evaluation processes
Lesson 7: Economic tools of evaluation processes
Lesson 8: Stages of evaluation research

Final test

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Self enrolment (Student)